Pets are members of the family and we want the very best for them, at every stage of their lives.

Our comprehensive VIP Club is a fantastic way for pet owners to benefit from the peace of mind of excellent veterinary care and preventative healthcare whilst also saving money throughout the year.

As VIP Club members, pet owners will receive a 10% discount on all products and services, including surgery, consultations, in house laboratory tests, medication, toys and food (the only exclusions are external laboratory diagnostics and acupuncture treatment.)

Cost Per Month
Core VIP Club savings
VIP Club additional savings
New Pet VIP Club additional savings
Rabbit    £12.50 £23.64      
Cat   £13.99 £60.48 £100.24 £44.13 £204.85
Small Dog less than 10KG £14.99 £79.30 £100.24 £44.13 £223.69
Medium Dog 10KG-25KG £16.99 £89.92 £100.24 £44.13 £234.29
Large Dog  25KG-40KG £19.99 £107.52 £100.24 £44.13 £251.89
Giant Dog  40KG + £26.99 £184.16 £100.24 £44.13


      There is a £5.00 joining fee, per pet, which will be allocated on your first direct debit payment on the date you have selected and is a 'one off' payment.  Following that, the normal monthly VIP Club subscription per pet will be deducted.


Our VIP Club is an affordable pet health care plan which offers the opportunity to spread the cost of preventative healthcare essentials across the year, and includes:

  • Primary vaccinations or annual boosters
  • Kennel cough vaccinations (for dogs)
  • Myxymatosis & 2 x VHD 2 vaccinations for Rabbits
  • Flea treatment for the year
  • Worming treatment for the year
  • Flystrike prevention (for rabbits)
  • 6 month health checks (2 per year)
  • Geriatric Urine Screening
  • Dentagen Aqua plaque prevention 
  • (1 bottle per pet per year)
  • Microchip (if required)
  • Nail clips (2 per year)



Unlike other pet care plans, ours doesn't discriminate against older animals.


To sign up for our VIP Club simply fill out the VIP Club agreement form, available in practice, and hand it in to our friendly reception team.  

If you have any queries, please ask a member of the team and they will tell you everything you need to know.


"VIP Club has been invaluable, saving us money at every visit" Janet

Affectionate but overlooked because she suffered from renal disease, Rita remained a resident at the Cats Protection League. That was until 18 months ago when Steven and Janet gave her a forever home where she could live out her remaining days.

Alongside preventative healthcare including vaccinations, 6 monthly health checks, nail clips, flea and worming treatments Rita has fully utilised the benefits of the VIP Club.

Her 10% VIP discounts were applied to all her treatment including dental surgery, specialist diet, ongoing medication, blood screening and home visits. In just a year the VIP Club saved her owners £195.32.

For any enquiries regarding our VIP Club please call and speak to a member of our friendly team: Burgess Hill: 01444 242500 or Hurstpierpoint: 01273 832968

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