Leyla Heath


Leyla was brought into the surgery as an abandoned young kitten on Christmas eve in 2008.  We all soon became bonded to Leyla over the Christmas period and she became a permanent residency at home with Sarah and her family.  

Preferring a quieter, indoor life Leyla now lives at the Burgess Hill branch. Spoilt with so many visitors; we have to keep an eye on her weight as Leyla is extremely good at fluttering her eyelids and pleading starvation to anyone who stops to give her a fuss. Her talents also extend to opening cupboards and bags of food. She is extremely self-sufficient and will help herself if we were to allow it!

No lunchtime or practice meeting is complete without a cuddle from Leyla, she is head of team morale and is always there to lend a hand when tea duty comes round.

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