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I have got a new kitten, what do I need to do?

We would recommend bringing your kitten to see us a few days after you bring him/her home to be checked over and to start getting them used to coming to the vets. Kittens should be vaccinated from 9 weeks of age and need annual vaccinations after their initial course. We can also discuss feeding, neutering, insurance and the most appropriate flea, worm and tick treatment for your pet. 

My cat is soiling in the house, help!

Illnesses such as infection or joint problems can lead to inappropriate urination/defaecation indoors. An examination, often alongside investigations such as urine testing, may determine the underlying cause. Cats can also soil indoors for behavioural reasons, such as stress/anxiety or changes in their toileting environment.

The icatcare.org website has a lot of useful information regarding feline health and behaviour, such as this article on soiling indoors http://icatcare.org/advice/problem-behaviour/soiling-indoors.

When and why should I neuter my cat?

Both female and male cats can be neutered from 4 months of age (possibly earlier if there are entire male and female cats in the household). Neutering is recommended for population control and welfare (reducing the number of unwanted kittens) and to reduce nuisance behaviour such as wandering, fighting, spraying and calling. Male cats are also more likely to suffer fight wounds and abscesses and are more at risk of road traffic accidents if they are entire. Female entire cats can suffer from womb infections and mammary tumours. 

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